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Cairns builders work on survival strategies!

FOCUSING on customer service is one of the key survival tactics builders have been implementing to endure the tough economic times.This is one of the key results of a survey undertaken by Master Builders and will be highlighted during the group's annual road show in Cairns in two weeks'... read more »

Check outdoor structures for rot and wear before storm season!

Far Northern homeowners are being urged to put their decks and balconies on "safety watch" to avoid any "party bloomers" this silly season.After experiencing floods, cyclone Yasi and increased storms, Archicentre, the building advisory service of the Australian Institute of... read more »

How to invest in Property! (Part One)

RULE 1: Stay away from the con artists.Fear of poverty is one of our greatest fears. Fear of growing old is also a great fear. Therefore, together, the fear of being broke and old is terrifying for thousands of people.And this is how thousands of people are being caught by the property con... read more »

Flood victims need 'Value' compensation!

For many years, Queensland solicitor Tim O'Dwyer has warned would-be property buyers about the likelihood of floods in his normally Sunshine State. O'Dwyer is furious that the government makes it compulsory for auctioneers of water-damaged vehicles to disclose to prospective buyers that the... read more »


How sellers can save thousands of dollars.Opinion by Neil Jenman.It's probably real estate's biggest con. And it's affecting thousands of property sellers every month.It's the advertising stitch-up and here's how it works.You decide to sell your property and you call the agent. The agent tells you... read more »

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